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When the lame duck Republican Congress passed the pre-funding requirement in 2006, it was for 75 years into the future and within a 10-year window. Idaho for trump flag. That was for future hires that hadn’t even been born yet. Prior to this it was pay as you go. No other business or government agency has this requirement. It was done as an accounting trick so the president could say he had a balanced budget.

Idaho for trump flag

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The overtime costs are directly attributable to the increased package volume. Idaho for trump flag. The rural carriers do not see overtime pay. Over time is restricted to city carriers, mail clerks and employees that are hourly. Recently while rural carriers have been delivering 85% more packages this year than they have in previous years and are not getting overtime pay, in effect working for free, management at certain levels have been paid overtime for anything they work over eight and a half hours. Your rural carrier serving the rural communities is paid salary based on the volume of mail, calculated at the lowest mail volume period During the year. And there’s usually shenanigans from management to make sure that the volume stays low during that period. The rural carriers are the best value for the money that the post office has.

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