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Joe SalveminiHe can only handle one subject at a time, and then there’s the frequent diaper changes.5 . Marcella LopezShall I say our Pres. Bidens Administration is moving Heaven and earth to have all American s be vaccinated only to make sure they are safe from this deadly virus covid… What a fatherly concern to all his children..21 . Deborah ToomeyThank you Biden administration for making your team available to answer Americans vaccine questions.21 . Tina FarrisWhat are u doing for the elderly they need pay raises too everything went up and they are struggling I see it everywhere 22 . Deborah ChristinePreempted. Not the same as a public event where anyone can ask questions. And America has a lot of questions.10 . Jabar LovetteBiden and Fauci are both working hard together as a team46 . Margaret A. MacKenzieAnother advertising campaign instead of taking care of the border crisis. Just wish he cared as much about the human trafficking, including children, child abuse, the drugs, criminals, guns pouring across our border  If it Involves Wine & Country Music Count Me In Mug

If it Involves Wine & Country Music Count Me In Mug

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If it Involves Wine & Country Music Count Me In Mug

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