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Other scientists and physicians have corroborated Fauci’s information. Illama wanna smoke alpaca bowl. Just admit it.

Illama wanna smoke alpaca bowl shirt

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Illama wanna smoke alpaca bowl hoodie

It will never be enough for you bc you want to believe Fox News. who said I watch Fox News? Assumption is the tool of fools. Scientists have said exactly what John said as well but that doesn’t matter does it? but you specifically asked about the numbers. If there’s corroborating evidence, isn’t that enough? Illama wanna smoke alpaca bowl. I agree with John. But I am not asking for statistics either. I don’t care about them. Scientists are warning us that the death toll will grow, the virus can become deadly, and now it is linked to an organ and cardiac issue with children (which a friend from Shanghai told me about weeks ago). Statistics are for fools. You assume that the hypothesis premises the information that you are seeking. So I’m also not the only one making assumptions. where did you see me ask about any numbers? Please enlighten me. Your disagreement with me right now is based on falsehood that you made up lol. I threw that in cause of the part where you talked about praying. That part in my post was to anyone who read it. Being science is being pushed away for religion by this gop. That is scary. I think I got what twisted you up. I’m simply stating he was believing Fauci without data but wanted johns data. I wasn’t asking for any just pointing out the hypocrisy. I agree with you on that point. What you states wasn’t clear maybe bc I didn’t follow the thread from the conversation you were responding to. I am glad we are in agreement now. Sorry for being glib. I got fired up.

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