I’m a veteran dad i have risked classic shirt



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David Alexander BrownSoon everyone’s going to feel like that’s the only way to solve arguments.2 . Muun YayoDavid Alexander Brown it is . Lorenzo BerettaArlene Grasso you can’t buy a gun anywhere in the US without filling out a 4473 and passing the background check. 3 . Muun Yayo1 . Kathy CoyArlene Grasso , I don’t know how any decent person can live in Texas. A bunch of ignorant racists running that state. The decent Texans need to vote for change….10 . Rachel Haven DavisArlene Grasso THIS !!! 1 . Rita BrownArlene Grasso I’m surprised they require an age limit. . Daniel CantrellArlene Grasso yeah and Texas will be one of the safest places to live. Funny how no one goes and shoots up a place that they know people will shoot back. They always shoot up the place that they know can’t defend them selfs7 . Devoreaux GroceIt’s almost like these mass shootings happen in gun free zones for a reason2  I’m a veteran dad i have risked classic shirt

I’m a veteran dad i have risked classic shirt

Rach McDevoreaux Groce #4, 6, 9, 10, and 13 of the 18 most deadliest mass shootings in the US happened in Texas. Not exactly a gun free zone . Christopher KirkleyArlene Grasso lies! . Jeff DayArlene Grasso incorrect. Federal background checks will remain in place when purchasing through gun stores/dealers. 2 . Annie MauraArlene Grasso Texas can recede and no one will miss them sadly. 2 . Beverlee Parenteau OrluskeArlene Grasso Sickening!!!1 . Doris SmisArlene Grasso , what about the gun tragedies that occur in Chicago?  . Anna WhiteArlene Grasso They have the same [email protected]# law here in Utah. . Devoreaux GroceAlright Rach, now where in Texas did they happen? . Brian KirchnerHow does requiring a permit “violate the 2A”? The Founders never intended that anyone should carry any gun anywhere anytime for any reason. Nearly 200 years of jurisprudence agreed, until the 1970s when the gun lobby infected the NRA leadership and br… See More3  I’m a veteran dad i have risked classic shirt

I’m a veteran dad i have risked classic shirt

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