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Chris Abend Facebook is a private business. I’m deaf face mask. So that means they’re able to do whatever they want with how they choose to run their business.

I’m deaf face mask

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I thought that’s what you conservatives try to fight so hard for? I’m deaf face mask. A private business’ right to run their business however they’d wish to. Just using your own backwards logic that you conservatives used when you people fought against Colin Kaepernick’s right for freedom of protest during the national anthem in the NFL. The laws need to be changed. When laws were made, nobody could ever have imagined the likes of Facebook and Google/YouTube. What they are doing is WRONG. They are blatantly biased and have the eyes and ears of hundreds of millions of people. Again, the laws need to be changed. If you don’t like Facebooks terms of service, no one stopping you from leaving and creating your own platform. Welcome to the United States. Fox News is blatantly biased and has the eyes and ears of hundreds of millions, should they be changed for them as well? not really their fault. They have been given upper hands among other social media and now they are misbehaving. I just wonder how such bull shot happens in this century with no one speaking out against it.. It’s really heart breaking. Facebook is the next best thing to communism. They will block you for things you say even if you have a right under the constitution to say them. A “court” of Liberal minds around the world determining the 1st Amendment rights of Americans. No other country on this earth guarantees the right to speech of it’s citizens. This is censorship at its finest!

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