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Im tired of people saying they are outraged by obvious lies etc. It doesn’t mean anything if you don’t DO something beside lip service.. Kristina Lea Beeching. Where have you been Rick..everyday you hear of mail in ballots being found discarded. Especially in PA with King Wolf in charge and Shapiro announcing Biden would win.. I’m sorry joey mug. Christie said that Trump has undercut his own credibility . That is hilarious. Trump has never had any credibility to undercut. He is still living in his Terrible 2’s” and “Tantrum” world.. Your eyes are slowly opening up to what this man is. Please don’t close them again..

I’m sorry joey mug

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mug- pic 1

Way to go Blake and Gwen congratulations to you both and all the happiness in the world.. Nicole Jean. I don’t follow celebrities, but these two are pretty cool. Got to know them on the voice, and think their differences compliment each other. Best of luck to them.. Really. Her husband cheated on her with the nanny. I’m sorry joey mug. How do you know she has not already gotten an annulment?. An annulment from who?. Last article I saw they couldn’t stand each other because they were on lock down on a beautiful ranch. Hummm. So Blake cheated on Miranda with other women and Gwen cheated on her spouse. What make either of think they won’t get cheated on?. Surprise me that at his age and after so many times on his knees to ask to merry him he still can do it!. gavin has nothing do with it anymore gavin better stay away from Blake and GWEN and the boys. Last night I made the comment to my husband that it seems like Christie is slowly getting more and more tired of Trump, watching him trying to defend him during the debates seemed like he was really spinning as hard as he can and last night I was getti… Why would anyone be surprised. Trump cares nothing about laws.. So your ok with shutting down the oil and aborting millions of babies?. Michael Randall. Wendy Martin-Clements. Sara R Walton. Counting all the ballots is not fraud.. the pos is afraid he may lose, this is the only reason hes calling foul, the MF has to know that all votes count.

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Maria Stoyanova. The election isn’t over yet. If Trump does win, was it still fixed? Always looking for an excuse or a lie as to why things aren’t going his way. Best outcome possible, trump is gone but Republicans keep senate. Socialist agenda delayed.. Guess he’s forgotten that several months ago Nancy Pelosi bragged that “one way or another he will be taken out of the WH” impeachment failed and the dems made it clear they wouldn’t tolerate him being re-elected. Trump was NOT beaten by the most low e… .

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