I’m not yelling i’m norwegian face mask

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“Florida has become a global ground zero for Covid-19 cases and a poster child for Trump administration allies’ failures in responding to the pandemic…I’m not yelling i’m norwegian face mask.  And at the same time, Florida is behind seven other states in total deaths from coronavirus.

I’m not yelling i’m norwegian face mask

I'm not yelling i'm norwegian face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

All led by Democratic governors and only one with a larger population. Governor DeSantis is doing a great job protecting the nursing homes and saving lives. Shame on you people for your sick political propaganda full of lies! I dont put tyrst in science i put my trust in God who knows everything that man connect know, God holds Tomorrow. He hold the universe in his hands. God also gave us science to understand his creation. I’m not yelling i’m norwegian face mask. Not trusting in science is not trusting in God. Thank you Dr. Fauci for your leadership and guidance during this difficult time. Please continue to provide the science and facts. Jess Kresge isn’t going away? It’ll be all gone if joe wins. Including riots, looting, monuments going down, etc. You don’t get what’s going on? i dont think immunity in any form exists for any coronavirus, otherwise youd never get a common cold ever again. im not sure this is entirely different. Too little too late. Millions of Americans are eventually going to become homeless and destitute because the governors refuse to reopen the country. They’ve already stated that 60% of small businesses are not going to reopen. In the past the major cause of economic collapse after a pandemic was the loss of workers and shoppers due to death not lack of businesses.

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