I’m one of the 75 milion i voted for trump flag



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Emily PearcyHow about visiting the border? . Pat SimpsonCut funding to israel3 . Thomas FlueggeStop starting wars might be a first step.4 . Tom FarmerIf you truly want to honor those that died defending the USA and allies, how about stop trying to create your Socialist Utopia and start supporting and defending the US Constitution!12 . Evren YilmazIf the members of the congress visit the Military industrial Complex’s corruption today, then there will be no future graves of any Soldiers tomorrow.2 . Mike BoltzI love ya Bernie Sanders.I know if you were a world leader you’d be a bastion of peace and happiness. Sad world leaders are evil and abusive worldwide. … See More . Jaime Nicolas Buitrago Cardenas”… IN FLANDERS FIELDS…ROW AND ROW….” . Julio AlejandroWars are the last resort of free nations and peoples and must only be fought when there’s no other recourse. If this is not the case, then there are only futile imperialist endeavors to invade weaker countries, destroy them and their culture and take t… See More2  I’m one of the 75 milion i voted for trump flag

I’m one of the 75 milion i voted for trump flag

Passing laws to ensure the integrity and accuracy of elections is what Congress SHOULD be doing Bernie! . Jody Wynnemer audits, recounts, court cases and investigations didn’t uncover any proof of widespread voter fraud. When a person stands up months before an election and says it’s rigged if I lose, then everyone following him will look for the proof. He tried to plant the same seed before the ‘16 election but won, so he only cried about the popular vote being rigged. Snap out of it.. Mitch McConnell blocked such legislation for four straight years. Did you have the same objections then?. Remy Rockatansky blocked them for 8 years when Mr Obama was fixing the bush mess all he is there for seems. Steven Clyde Stratton Sr.. Jody Wynnemer amen!!!. Jody, I’m one of the 75 milion i voted for trump flag Donald Trump lost the 2020 election, which was the most free and fair the world has ever seen.. The GOP can change every voting law they want but if he runs in 2024 and dosnt win he will still say it was rigged. Thats the way he rolls.He can’t except losing.

I’m one of the 75 milion i voted for trump flag

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