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Dude, peeps are just going back to work… there are 7million jobs available.. what exactly have you done but ride the wave that was already set up for you… this post is so dishonest.. President Joe Biden please concern cancelling student debt. It would boost our economy. The interest on these loans are crushing us.. Very impressive . Now… I’m one of the 75 million flag Compare 2018-2019 numbers and show the quarterly trends… #COVID19 negative economic impacts. we are no where near pre-COVID19 conditions when you factor in the number of small businesses lost Stop the deception Pause GIF. The country was shut down because of a pandemic and you were paying them to stay home…and still are…unemployment rate was at its lowest before the Pandemic. How can this administration take credit for this? A vaccine provided by the previous administration is the only reason so many jobs were “created”. Returning to work from government shut down is not job growth!

I’m one of the 75 million flag

woohoo!!! Uncle Joe delivering for us.. I’m sure you can’t think we are so stupid! To compare numbers now with numbers while we were still in lockdown in many industries is preposterous!. This is a total joke!!! The left incited fear and then have the audacity to compare job growth during a pandemic to current job growth? Not to mention they fell incredibly short of their own projections/goal? .   I’m one of the 75 million flag · Follow.   · Follow. After the vaccine, people went back to work? Really? Come on Joe. Tell the whole story.. Please President Biden, stop negotiating with the Republicans on the infrastructure bill. It’s clear from their two proposals that they aren’t serious and they aren’t negotiating in good faith (they have none). Just forge ahead and do what needs to be done for this country because if it was up to the Republicans, absolutely nothing would get done.. I’m a huge Biden supporter, but everyone knows this graph is bull. Winter during a pandemic. Progress, sure, but this isn’t a fair comparison IMO.

I’m one of the 75 million flag

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