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Suzana MirandaThere’s so much injustice in the world with dictators running countries living well living in luxury while the people are starving and virus spreading like wildfire India the president should be removed he does nothing for his people Israel the preside… See More . Marcella Lopez” In the spirit of light and love and answer our shared responsibilities , to heal the sufferings , correct injustices, let us foster hope and peace” by Martin Luther. . Triston HesseI hate that i live in the southeast where the racism is stronger then any part in the country not to mention vacine confusion im a guy that wants them but work schedule wont allow it. I just want to do my part. I thonk theres better jobs that im qualif… See More . Abdurehim Zeyne NegashUntil u stop recism can’t talk about human rights vaiolation in the world especially in ethiopia . Ioana BoldeaWhat is your action plan President Joe Biden? We must act when progress goes this slow and injustice runs this deep. We need reform. Now.   In a world full of princesses be a cowgirl poster

In a world full of princesses be a cowgirl poster

Alemahu Legesse AlyYou don’t have the moral authority to talk about humanity!Get your hands off Ethiopia !!… See More1 . Sudhanshu YaduvanshiIt’s good, Mr. President that you are talking about a year later as well.But You Or your party haven’t made any outrageous campaign over currently a man (Mexican ethenic) dies in Michigan(if I’m not wrong) and about attack on Jewish community people … See More . Gilbert Bettwhen will kenya behave like this beautiful nation?no justice,independent istitutions being intimidated,greedy leaders and many others GOD REVISIT THIS NATION KENYA . Tamire TadegeIt is okay; but repeat this lifting your hands off Ethiopia!!You are killing millions of Ethiopians who are building their GERD. Each Ethiopian is contributing for the dam for his/her future. But you are fulfilling the mission of Trump “Egypt can blo… See More . Ruth MacochiThis only goes to point out most significantly to us all that in the midst of our differences in colour, cultures and even countries, our hearts are one. We shouldn’t judge and treat people by the colour of their skin but by the content of their charac… See More  In a world full of princesses be a cowgirl poster

In a world full of princesses be a cowgirl poster

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