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Dieter DietrichWhen criminals comply with the instructions of law enforcement, they live to take their fight to court where it belongs, not on the street with officers.2 . Mohammed KhazaliThere are children killed, families displaced, no residents moved. . Ras PpoPolice murders have escalated from last year and methinks terrorists are recruited to the police force in disguise1 . Kelly PoeThey’re marching in Birmingham, AL this evening in remembrance. 3 . Mwai WilsonI wish such a murder in broad daylight infront of cameras shall never happen again on the American soil. We feel the pain thousand of kms away. . Susanne LesterSorry for the loss of life to his family. But celebrating a thug is totally wrong in so many ways. He didn’t deserve to die but he should not be seen as a hero. Something he was NOT . Kal T WorkuMr President your excellency, Would you take sometime to understand and revise the actual scenario happening in Ethiopia? For your surprise, Ethiopia is in the eve of exercising actual democracy in its history so that we need to demonstrate it withou… See More1  In a world full of princesses be a dog mom poster

In a world full of princesses be a dog mom poster

Steven WootonIt’s important that every person decide what is best for themselves without pressure from others. The vaccine is not required to take off our masks. Anyone can take them off. Nobody needs to know if I am vaccinated or not, unless I choose to tell them.… See More35 . JR NicholsWow. Sanity sweet sanity. Feels so goooooood after all those years of idiocy!32 . Julie AntoinetteSalute to those remaining humans with their DNA intact! Love to you all!!! 20 . Harris MaiblackFolk’s should go get vaccinated.remember health is wealth.21 . Ashlee GonzalezIt doesn’t stop transmission so explain how their choice affects others at all?20 . Raja CatI like that this isn’t a photo op with blank papers on the desk as you pretend to be on the phone “busy” drinking a diet coke …unlike one fat orange thing I am glad is gone37 . Billy JoeChildren need it to protect their families, neighbors, and communities that have already been vaccinated.16  In a world full of princesses be a dog mom poster

In a world full of princesses be a dog mom poster

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