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Bernie you bent the knee & the progressive Dems to Nancy and Chuck and who won’t do anything for the working & poor of this 3rd world country and make BS speeches about the In omnia paratus poster. Republicans when the Dems are just as bad they all serve there corporate masters & what happened to your fight against the big corporation

In omnia paratus poster

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The bigger government, the bigger is the protection of the people. The US is one of the hardest hit countries by the coronavirus because of Trump’s dismantling of the government protections: Trump did massive cuts to CDC spending, healthcare spending, on the production of ventilators and PPE, meals on wheels, SNAP, etc. In omnia paratus poster. That is why the US has the highest death toll in the world. Republicans only see a world where money wins and those without it lose. The RICH only see the potential of YOUR dollars flowing to their pockets. People who make money view themselves as “special” and those that don’t as non-deserving, lowlives. If the money flow in their direction is threatened, we all will lose. They will win at all costs. It does them no good to actually make sure the lives of the lower 90% are happy, healthy and affordable.

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