In the End Linkin Park Poster

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Well, people can’t afford staying home for weeks in poor countries with no government help… In the End Linkin Park Poster. It is matter of choice, you either die from corona, starvation or crime.

In the End Linkin Park Poster

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Poster – A2
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Poster – A1

What would you pick? India is poor country and government put the Indian people under. In the End Linkin Park Poster. Quarantine in Egypt as well !! Brazil is not a poor country Brazil is very rich country with corrupt government. Downplays, really? What is the lethality? What are the risk groups? What did he say that is not supported by facts? What will happen to the economy if the isolation goes on for over a month? How many people will die then? read something anything, from another country and you can see what will costs more to do nothing, if you can use healthy reason and deduction(if you know what those are), what happens there will happen here. Does the brain think about what it is writing? Garcia you don’t need an economy, you need food, shelter and utilities. The economy is a wholly fabricated thing, most economic output is entirely uneccessary but has been considered essential, only to maintain value of currency. It’s a massive con, to keep everybody busy, and to create and maintain a small number of absurdly wealthy people. I will forever wonder why so many have been so easily sold the big con and will feel it is right that they should work a third of their waking week, for most of their early years, in the hope that they can reach and afford retirement.

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