In october we wear pink face mask

Do you want it? In october we wear pink face mask. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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A vote for Biden is a slap in the face of every SLAVE. In october we wear pink face mask. Free yourselves from them needing you every 4 years.

In october we wear pink face mask

In october we wear pink face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

Trump has done more for you and your economic situation than any president has ever done for you and that’s including Hussein. Stand up for the slaves for real this November. Everything I’ve said is fact, we all have opinions but we all have to share the same facts because they are the facts. In october we wear pink face mask. The Democrats voted to keep the slaves and the Republicans voted to free them, that’s a fact, it’s on the books so it doesn’t matter what CNN tells you, it’s on the books. Every time one of you votes for KKK Biden in November, it’s like another whipping from another slave driver for those poor people. For God’s sakes stop allowing them to manipulate you, use your intelligence. The findings indicate that rising income inequality substantially increases support for the radical right in the long run. In addition, rising inequality translates into lower subjective social status of nontertiary educated men and this process of status decline further contributes to radical right support. Hence, there are both material and non-material linkages between income inequality and radical right support.” Income inequality, status decline and support for the radical right. This is the Faustian Bargain with the Devil that we know, namely, Trump, or the Devils that are waiting (Creepy Uncle Joe Biden and Traitorous Israel Firster devotee of the cult of AIPAC, Kamala Harris), in the USA Presidential elections.

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