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Mr. Biden, I believe if you pick Michelle Obama, not Hillary Clinton as you running mate, you will have a more change to win the Election. Because beside a former first lady, Michelle Obama is a smart lady. She has a good experience and knowledge about how to buit a good relation to another country. And Into The Forest Skull Poster. You and Michelle Obama will bring back the country into the right right again like Obama and you lead the country used to be. May God bless you always.

And Into The Forest Skull Poster

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How much a haberdashery is to not want medicare for all bro? You sounded like an insurance rep tonight. Its all this businessman talk joe, we are sick and dying of it. It would be nice if you could lay out some concrete plans for the bottom 90% of the country that struggles to pay emergency bills and goes without treatment for entirely too long. And Into The Forest Skull Poster.  Joe, please choose between Liz, Kamala or Amy. All are highly popular and over qualified. But Joe, move heaven & earth to get the full backing and support of the Youth votes, The millions of Young college millenials on your side. Court andcwin the millions of Latino voters as well. You need them to defeat crooked incompetent Trump in november! Sorry I was thinking of voting blue no matter who wins the nomination before, but after this debate I have to rethink whether I should do that if you wins the nomination.

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