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Having lived in Iowa for most of my life and having travelled most of the U.S, the best part about living in Iowa is what I would call an egalitarian lifestyle. For example, in a place like L.A. the very rich live in gated inaccesible communities. The very poor live in neighborhoods rife with gang violence. Iowa For Trump Flag. Not so in Iowa. Rich and poor co-exist without the obvious seperation found in major metro areas. It might take some persistance, but the chance I, as a nobody, could get a meeting with a major CEO or civic leader is MUCH greater than in other parts of the country. People, overall, shun ostentatious displays of wealth and certainly don’t judge you by the size of your wallet.

Iowa For Trump Flag

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If you gauge cultural events by the calibre of celebrity status afforded the performers, then yes, Iowa is a wasteland. If, however, you are keen on local talent – Iowa has an amazing and diverse population of local artists and musicians. Iowa For Trump Flag. As regards literature, the University of Iowa Writers Workshop is among the most prestigious center for writers and poets in the world. As far as natural beauty – think Shire in Lord of the Rings. Rural, verdant, with rolling hills. Towns are diverse, ranging from metro areas like Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Quad Cities, to quintessential small towns replete with county courthouses and the town square. Many Iowans have attrocious fashion sense, but an ocasional fashion leader can be spotted. Climate noted for four distinct seasons. Contrary to perception – great weather exists for about 9 months of the year. Either you love winter or hate it

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