Ireland irish harp hawaiian shirt



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Min Ko AungPlease save The children Myanmar and democracy protestors with R2P or war crime on Myanmar and completely remove Myanmar coup military and build new democratic ARMY for future safety …… Thanks12 . Medhat SobhiMark Middleton and Jalise Middleton of Texas have been charged in connection with the Capitol attack. The feds say both assaulted police officers while wearing Biden hats.13 . Dustin SkolaskiIt is so insane how competent you are compared to what we’ve experienced25 . Joseph PalazzoAll good and everything but why isn’t China,India, other countries being held to the same environmental standard as we are?? Seems like we are just here to fit the bill and others get a free pass…10 . Scott ButlerWhatever 30 year old who is writing your posts is very passionate.18 . Ken ElderYou have no idea what you are doing with respect to climate change…..follow the money folks…10 . Shakil MiahWell done Mr President. A friend of mine in Ohio says he has been very impressed with your administration so far. Keep up the good work.12  Ireland irish harp hawaiian shirt

Ireland irish harp hawaiian shirt

Santhana KrishnanSir why your country stocking so much vaccines which is more than your needPlease release it so it will be use for growing Nations and poor countries5 . Ethan Earl TreloarPut all your faith into “science” the same “science” that just got flipped onto its head.7 . منصف الله انوریGood that US is now back to the Paris agreement, entire planet is suffering from the GHG emissions mostly by developed countries like US and China but the poor least developed countries are suffering from your mess. You should have been there decades b… See More3 . DeAnna Turner- PayneAppreciate you acknowledging tribal nations! They deserve so much credit! 3 . Marcella LopezWe appreciate President Biden . You are giving importance to each and every kind of people living in America as equally important and could reach out and bridge the gap between Americans and the present Admin in whatever kind of problems we could … See More2  Ireland irish harp hawaiian shirt

Ireland irish harp hawaiian shirt

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