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The “liberal” media actually has also fact checked the dems and reported it. Ironworker safety hawaiian shirt. For example CNN at the last presidential debate fact checked Hillary and called her out on her false/wrong statements.

Ironworker safety hawaiian shirt

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I could go on with more examples but not going to write a book here on the topic and will leave it to other comments to point out other examples. Everyone who points out the obvious is a troll according to the Left. Next I’ll be a racist, bigot, transphobic, etc. The usual. Jimmy Haley Ummm see what? I just gave you an example based on your comment. It actually happened apparently your not seeing it. Show me an example I’m missing? And how does this affect you since you are from and live in Toronto? All these fools got caught not one of them are in jail smh. Millions stolen an gained. Ironworker safety hawaiian shirt. If Rob 7 eleven for $100 I’m getting 10 years smh. How many times is CNN going to keep posting variations of the same article over and and over and over again. They have been posting multiple variations of articles repeatedly all the time… They do it sometimes several times a day and upwards of weeks at a time. We haven’t even mentioned West Virginia, Kentucky, South Dakota…Republicans run the economy into the ground. Kentucky; Moscow Mitch is one of the richest Senators from one the poorest, least educated and most welfare recipients states. Kansas…Arkansas…Tennessee…man you guys suck. 9 out of the bottom 10 economies in the US run by Republicans.

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