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I’m not taking sides but it’s strange how the Left is perfect. Ironworker hawaiian shirt. They rarely if ever get fact checked, the media is always on their side, always bias to the Left, apparently the Left is the moral authority and is perfect if you follow mainstream media.

Ironworker hawaiian shirt

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That is very suspicious if you ask me. Ur comment has nothing to do with the article. And for the record, if Obama had this many associates being charged, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, Apple, Spotify, pandora, Roku, Android box, and anything else u can think of would have broadcast it. The fact that FOX has not broadcast it is what really should make u very suspicious. it isn’t even close. Moral versus immoral. Democrat versus Republican. Ironworker hawaiian shirt. Sanity versus insanity. Selflessness versus selfishness. Truth versus lies. Find me Obama’s equivalent just to take an example. How many of his associates went to Jail? How many convicted felons? Enlighten me again please. I think cnn is more Democratic and Fox is more republicans. If your a independent i guess you are SOL. Funny you say that, I have SEVERAL Trump HATERS that have said the same thing. They will not be voting democrat. The circus is so real it is mind boggling. The MSM is burning down our country!!! they won’t look into it. They’ll just keep being sheep and believe every little thing the box programs tells them to believe and how to think. I disagree with you. When Al Franken was accused of inappropriate behavior the dems called for him to resign.

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