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Ipswich needs you again IT Clown Halloween Custom Name Tumbler the venues listed in the UK are too big.. I remember my little girl at rounday park in Leeds in all that rain dancing to Nancy Mulligan it’s something ill never forget! I hope after a difficult few years that my little girls can see him again!!!. Can you please let us know when an Australian tour is to go ahead? Thank you!. I hope you can make it back to Australia one day! . Come back to Australia please, we loved seeing when you were here last . Can’t wait for the Aussie tour . So sad there isn’t a US date but still happy that you are touring again. I’ve always wanted to see you play live.. Ed we are waiting for you in the US! This will be my current 9 yr old sons first concert. He is a red head like you. And you are his bedtime playlist every night for years!

IT Clown Halloween Custom Name Tumbler

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“You claim to have gotten into trouble with your friends, yet these photos show that you were at one time a child. Curious.”. Jason Newell bitter and twisted we are ? Glad to see one of you had talent and got out.. Jason Newell Stop hating on him, sounds like jealousy to me.. Jason Newell . Jason Newell , you seem to believe music nerds don’t ever do “bad” things and to that I must say that you are sorely mistaken. Lol. Shit. Who’s going to tell this lad Johnny Cash isn’t a boy named Sue?. Alexa Thiel and he wasn’t one either (Johnny Cash is deceased) . Jason Newell jealousy gets you no where in life . Jason Newell So all songs are 100% true? I didn’t know they had to be? That was pretty much my teenage years so why couldn’t it be his???. Jason Newell Because people with red hair that wear glasses never rebel.

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