It’s miss ms mrs dr actually mug



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Gary LebcowitzShall not be infringed. Stop using tragedies for political fuel.4 . Bridie BassettHow about focus on mental health! The gun didn’t pull the trigger, the shooter did. Stop with the gun control, that isn’t the issue!!!2 . Colby LadehoffPresident Joe Biden I think you meant to say “once again I am using this tragedy to push my agenda of gun control, that in no way actually prevent these types of tragedies from happening ” there, fixed it2 . Dc O’brienDemand that like cars, guns and gun-owners be insured. This way, all guns and all the owners will be held responsible for any misuse, mishandling, abuse of the weapons and those who are injured by gun owners will be assuaged at least financially. Leave… See More3 . Aly A. IdreessLet him receive capital punishment so that it’ll serve as a lesson to those who’ve interest in taking other people’s lives.3 . Susan Peckham HorstkampIt won’t end. The GOP would rather see people die than restrict their gun ‘rights’. 2  It’s miss ms mrs dr actually mug

It’s miss ms mrs dr actually mug

Janis Ogden StablerMeanwhile we have state Republican legislators and govenors going the other direction and likely ensuring more such events. Pathetic! Vote them out at state and federal level.1 . Chais RankinThis is not gun violence. It is evil people using a gun being violent. Guns are not, and never have been the problem. It’s people and their lack of decency or care for another Human’s life.2 . Janie MendozaAct to End Gun Violence must be passed!! There should be a vote taken by the people of this country in support!!2 . Barbara Radin KatzeffEnough is enough, we as Americans have to vote in people who will do something about this horrible violence happening in this country.1 . Justin Anthony ChouanardI didn’t kill anyone today and my guns said they behaved also. Looks like I did my part. How about you work on that universal healthcare so we can get everyone the help they need before this shit happens. 2  It’s miss ms mrs dr actually mug

It’s miss ms mrs dr actually mug

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