Jack daniel’s hawaiian shirt

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Bernie sanders God bless you. Respect from the first time i get to know and understand what is your focus i want you to be there for the people. Jack daniel’s hawaiian shirt. Im here for you. People going tru emotional vibes right now. This is the real karma going down now. The young people very strong. And God put them to come to you. They have to vote .is you we need. Blessings

Jack daniel’s hawaiian shirt

Jack daniel's hawaiian shirt - detail
shirt – detail

Sen Bernie Sanders sir me and your supporters love you very much and come back and we all will vote for you in the primary and as a independent. Jack daniel’s hawaiian shirt. Yet you suspended your campaign and bent the knee to the corporate Democrats, the very same people you rallied against. Given the way things are now, you staying in would have been a bright light in what is a dark time for the United States. Unsuspend your campaign, you are the voice that America needs right now. Literate, honest, and to the point. C’mon Bernie lead us into the new age.

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