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Mariana DinzelA question : is really Soros wants to silencie ” the life messages AND pro- life AND then family ” on Facebook ? Is there a petition to stop it?3 . Yoel AlbarracinHi Mark, I wanted to talk to you about a page that is scamming many people and myself included. the page is called “Naxixgames digital ps3 and ps4”, I implore you with all my heart, I just want to bring these people to trial and get my money back. I don’t know how to address you, sorry.2 . Cary Joneswhy would you remove games from my game list??????????????????????2 . Avakuma Safrolowaty.Good afternoon! The Ukrainian platform is blocking for a quote from Cherchel, but these were not my words: the great Cherchel about the Poles. Belarusians and the fight against anti-Semitism Or do you want to say that it is not true that the largest number of Jews died in Poland during the war? Read the story #h##halp_trump #$#halp_israil###halp_zukenberg###ukrainian_diktstuts##  Jack skellington criss cross tank top

Jack skellington criss cross tank top

Nancy Lynne NelsonI wonder if you know of the mass exiting of FB by republicans? Do you know how many people are tired of your censoring? Your mismanagment of facts? Your fact checkers that are BIAS? Your stocks are going to plunge. Many are moving over to Parler. I hope you get what is coming to you as your “people who buy product” leave2 . Nguyen Thi Xuan HuongHey Mark, FB team has replied my report about fake account and they confirm that it doesnot against Comunity. Please give me your checking proofs, it is pictures of a famous man. Are you sure to call video to the reported FB to see his face or see the letter of regnition to use his picture? . Sumanta SahaMark Zuckerberg sir..There are 6 types of like option : Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry.I request you sir to add another option, which is ‘SALUTE’.Many people want this, but can’t express..8  Jack skellington criss cross tank top

Jack skellington criss cross tank top

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