Jacksonville Jaguars 3d face mask

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Then give up the campaign money you stole from all your supporters to help those in need. Jacksonville Jaguars 3d face mask. Wasn’t you’re campaign about taxing the rich so everyone could live a good life? Start doing what you were preaching. So Bernie put your money where your mouth is. Let’s see you put some of your money into the system to help these people. Or you can just keep telling us what is what we should do with our money. You have always been generous with other people’s money and keeping your own.

Jacksonville Jaguars 3d face mask

Jacksonville Jaguars 3d face mask - detail
face mask – detail

I agree Bernie. Instead of the “let’s wait and see” type policies that joe always stands for (you did that by endorsing joe and dropping out) maybe stay in the race and actually fight harder for the millions of Americans who donated and volunteered for your campaign. Jacksonville Jaguars 3d face mask. I still can’t get thru to unemployment! Florida is a joke! I have heard some have gotten their stimulus check! But nothing here. Would have gotten money to people sooner if Pelosi and Dems hadn’t delayed it. And maybe even gotten more money to people later if y’all hadn’t added all that “pork barrel” junk. End the blanket lockdown now. Let people go back to work with reasonable precautions. Work…paycheck…pay bills.

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