Jagermeister Gradient Hoodie

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Sir! You need to get some help. Your memory is scary. You should not be running for any office. It’s time to throw in the towel. I can’t believe your family or wife hasn’t stepped in to help you. Please step down. Get some help. With all due respect, you don’t have the nomination yet. Jagermeister Gradient Hoodie. Bernie Sanders is still a contender. As much as I respect him as a senator, I honestly feel choosing him would be tantamount to re-electing Trump. Of the remaining candidates, you are the only one I feel can “drain the swamp”

Jagermeister Gradient Hoodie

Jagermeister Gradient Hoodie - Gray
Hoodie – Gray
Jagermeister Gradient Hoodie - Olive
Hoodie – Olive

The US is the only developed country in the world that doesn’t guarantee all its citizens health insurance, family leave, childcare, and a college education. The Democratic elites opposing Bernie and these measures aren’t moderates they’re conservatives. Joe Biden I will not vote for you if you win the nomination. Jagermeister Gradient Hoodie. I would rather vote for Trump. What happened yesterday is worse than what the Russian did. The Democrats sabotaged Bernie Sanders campaign. Even Trump can see that and he tweeted it. I’ll keep Donald. At least he doesn’t fall asleep and he remembers stuff. If you win this and don’t choose Bernie as your VP you will lose this election to Trump. Without question it is time to unify the party and that is the way through. No more towing the line, show us you represent the people, not the elite. Whining again that the election was rigged. So Trumpian. But let’s go through the numbers. Bernie’s base is 25% and they came out and voted. The remaining 75% of the Democratic Party also voted. But it wasn’t for Bernie. That’s not rigged that’s just reality.

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