Jaguar Warrior 3d Pullover hoodie, shirt and tank top

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I work midnight shift & it’s taking a toll. Jaguar Warrior 3d Pullover hoodie. Been here 8 yrs. My daughters & grandchildren in NYC facing different problems in their apt.& self isolating.

Jaguar Warrior 3d Pullover hoodie

Jaguar Warrior 3d Pullover shirt
Jaguar Warrior 3d Pullover sweatshirt
Jaguar Warrior 3d Pullover tank top
tank top

I pray for all healthworkers & EMT’s. Jaguar Warrior 3d Pullover hoodie. My point is healthcare workers work hard everyday and has been b4 Corona virus and it shouldn’t take a Corona virus for ppl to realize that… I personally dont have a problem with anyone partying or doing whatever they want to do. I drive trucks so I’m good I’m doin my part and if more ppl do their part then we’ll all be alright regardless. have you been living under a rock? You’re just too naive on what’s happening in the world Haha please find time to read news from reliable sources and you’ll see how contagious this virus is. Media has their own faults, but we can’t deny that this virus is a very contagious one. You don’t need to go to a hospital to be infected. You’re just unbelievable Haha Even an 10yr old kid knows this Haha Dude, try to educate yourself on Google not just here in Facebook. Make a list of all these people, and send the list to all the hospitals… So that they know… Who doesn’t get the ventilators. You can’t really rely on the sense of responsibility of people during such times… Curfew or you’ll end up just very few. To be honest, there is nothing to do beside be responsible to yourself and others. Everyone has been affected by this crisis. Just only think it twice why we have to stay home. Yes, the disease sounds less worse than Flu but they could contain it some way and spread it to someone who has less fortunate, weak immune system. This is not a recreation time!

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