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It really ticks me off that the media doesn’t make Mitch McRussia more accountable for his comments and calls for obstruction. If democrats did this same thing then republicans would be totally freaking out. One way standards.. Please remove stupid barriers to innovation, which seem to only protect the interests and profits of the already enriched few. Every word of the Constitution gets interpreted to protect the interests of the top %1, because they are able to afford to elect Congress, Presidents, corporate oversight, a media presence, accountants, and lawyers (armies of them). Japanese Sakura Cherry Blossom Low Top Shoes Where is Harry Truman, and his forensic accounting in Congress, when someone like him is needed.. Personally I feel it’s a two way street. That being said, Congress is supposed to work for the people, not outside special interests that bribes with the most expensive steak. I feel as though there is a deliberate and constant separation of thought in America…..It’s like we’re at war with each other. We have to realize we are the victims of political brain washing. Like we heard for years of how much time and effort it takes to return a victim to a clearer and freer thought process. I wonder how long it will take the American Community to realize this reality?.

Japanese Sakura Cherry Blossom Low Top Shoes

Also, just because something is “bipartisan”, it doesn’t automatically mean it’s good. You could have a Democrat and a Republican supporting a truly awful bill, and that would be bipartisan. Instead of pursuing bipartisanship, we should be pursuing policy that helps all Americans. If the Republicans want to help, great, we can call it bipartisan and that’s great. But they don’t, so let’s not worry about being bipartisan on everything.. McConnell needed to go a LONG time ago. He doesn’t care about our nation or it’s people. Out for $$$, period.. Not at this point i dont. Mitch has made it clear, not to work with democrats in any way. So, they have no rights to complain about dems not including them in anything.. Obstructionist McConnell doing what he always does to the American people, saying ‘NO!”..When will the voters have had enough of this millionaire roadblock to the middleclass and working families?! Japanese Sakura Cherry Blossom Low Top Shoes

Japanese Sakura Cherry Blossom Low Top Shoes

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