Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th Custom Name Tumbler


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  • Aww poor Jason Newell .. who “says” he’s had covid for 9 days.. Hope you’ve had both shots.. yet he still feels well enough to hate on someone???? , “Ed” and try to get some sympathy from Ed’s fans after doing so? lmfao.!!!!!!! Jason so jealous of Ed it shows! But wow Jason, you’ve gone lower than low! No clue who Jason newall is but but gotta give him an E for Effort lol.. he tried to make himself rellvent for a minute lol I get it now .. Ed has 21 M followers and poor Jason Newell only has 5 000 lolllllllllllll Trying to ride on Ed’s coat tails Jason? lmao!!!!!. Jason Newell he is younger than 15 there. Jason Newell Are you a musician or something else? I hope you will be next ed Sheeran. He’s the legend of UK. I believe the song was not ed experience Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th Custom Name Tumbler

    Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th Custom Name Tumbler

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    Jason Newell don’t let these home pictures fool you, this was a show for the parents.. outside of the house he was a savage!. Jason Newell wow!! Someone’s eat a batch of sour grapes . Jason Newell shut up!!. Jason Newell so everyone has to look a certain way to behave like a normal teenager do they?!. Jason Newell I always hear it “15 years old and smoking Ant-rolled cigarettes”. It’s like some crazy bugslife movie thing. Jason Newell wow I have to reply. I didnt realize Ed was not a saint or perfect. Thats the only kind of musicians I listen to.you know the ones with no life experiences and fictional songs.. Jason Newell quick to throw stones from your glass house.. everyone has a past its what you do with your present that matters. Jason Newell Johanna Maria his parents are millionaires too. Jason Newell to be fair to Ed, he’s clearly not anywhere near 15 in any of these pics. Like under 10 in all of them Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th Custom Name Tumbler

    Substantial Discount – Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th Custom Name Tumbler

    Jason Newell like who gives a fuck! He is a great artist. And do I care you have covid nope what has that to do with a post about his album get a life mate!. Jason Newell so 15 year olds don’t smoke or drink? That meme has photos from when he was like 12 years old. I wear glasses and I wasn’t a nerd child who didn’t get up to anything bad. Jason Newell he’s about 9 in these pics. When I was 9 I was into birdwatching and French knitting. Not so much when I was 15 . Jason Newell are you having a go at him for telling the truth, or for telling the truth??. Jason Newell everyone has a past do they not?. Jason Newell I bet ed Sheeran laughed at this as much as us love love love him cant wait to get his new album xxx

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