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Sending love to the Floyd family and to the Taylor family and so many more. And you and yours Barack Obama !.   Je suis sociable two tone mug · Follow. So happy those people got charged . He died of a horrible death which was unnecessary.. Allowing automatic weapons of war on the streets of America place our law enforcement in a very precarious situation everytime they stop a civilian. And I believe that former impeached president DJT created an environment of racism that set America back generations.. One year ago today George Floyd was senselessly murdered. A man who was determined to make a better life for himself and his daughter Gianna. Witnessing his murder will forever impact my life. It gives me great comfort to know that George is now in heaven, living in eternal bliss with his mother and watching over his baby girl.. one of the best nd brilliant leader in the world.obama always being a normal person.nd missing a man in peace.obama is one who have the capacity to move the world.

Je suis sociable two tone mug

true words; also, “when injustice runs deep, progress takes time.” – I really like that, thank you Sir..   Je suis sociable two tone mug · Follow. Sending prayers for the loved ones of the people who died at the hands of those who failed in their basic duty to protect and serve and a promise that I, the granddaughter of a county sheriff, will never be silent in the face of wrongful deadly force. Eternal rest grant unto them. I can’t forget the words that had taken place then (he had spoken), “i can’t breathe.” Just like humanity gone lost somewhere. It also exist in India but in another form called casteism(where upper level prove their supremacy over lower level).. Glad to see President Obama continuing his fight for equality. We can never have enough intelligent voices on the side of justice.. This is what I have missed most since you were president — your words. Your amazing way of communicating that touches the heart, mind and soul of so many — and moves them to action.

Je suis sociable two tone mug

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