Jeep car sun shade

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Too bad he and his spawn aren’t contributing to the “numbers”. Thats all this is to him. Numbers. Not people. Numbers. Numbers that will or won’t get him reelected. Well, you cold, manipulative, self serving sociopath, most of us have your number. Americans, on Nov. 3, please vote this disconnected number out of the White House. Jeep car sun shade. Can’t even say cancel service because he does nothing but serve himself

Jeep car sun shade

Jeep car sun shade - detail
sun shade – detail

It no longer matters who’s running against him. This creature has GOT to go!! He’s incapable of doing any good. The economy has gone flat. He’s got nothing else to bribe people with. All other campaign promises never came to fruitation. Unless destroying the country was one of them. Hmmm…must have missed that rally. People died in motorcycle and car crashes were declared covid. Jeep car sun shade. These numbers are wrong. It would. Be nice to really have the numbers but that would help the left . People are dying and sick and the media wants to report fake results. Only if you don’t want to think a little bit you will fall for this bs. Cases spiked by %200 and deaths stay the same, that’s good news. Means corona is not as deadly, nothing special less than swine flu. Wallace say tests are only up by %37 but cases are up by almost %200 well he just admitted that so called cases are not the results of test findings didn’t he

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