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Definately not seeing Mulan, it is such a shame they are changing this beloved story. Jeep Girl Sunflower Phone Case. Mulan was such a fun heartfelt cartoon.

Jeep Girl Sunflower Phone Case

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Phone Case- iphone XS
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Phone Case- iphone 11
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Phone Case- iphone 8

This is just rubish…the style is too much like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or a Chinese TV Drama. Plus the main Actress Lui Yifei, did not support Hong Kong’s Freedom…she is playing in a movie about freedom! Men want girls with good taste, calm, obedient, who work fast paced. With good breeding and a tiny waist, you’ll bring honour to us all.” Did they remove that part too? Jeep Girl Sunflower Phone Case. Li Shang is bad but meanwhile someone like Gaston who legit was taking a girls father prisoner, citing insanity, and would only be allowed his freedom if Belle married him, is OK? If you’re gonna make a point, you gotta stick to your tact here. I never found anything inappropriate with Li Shang being a love interest. As many have said, he admires Mulan because of strength, determination, and genius. She wasn’t objectified by him…I mean FFS the entire movie is spent with him thinking she’s a DUDE. This movie sounds amazing. I think it will be the best Disney remake yet. Let’s show young girls that they can be strong and powerful, and that no, not every happy ending requires you to find a man and fall in love. I think the love interest part takes away from Mulan’s accomplishments. Also, not every movie requires a love story! I must be missing something as I don’t understand how the metoo movement apply’s to Mulan. I don’t remember Mulan ever being groped, sexually harassed, raped or anything pertaning to the metoo movement.

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