Jeep Halloween Don’t Follow Me Spare Tire Cover



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Jeep Halloween Don’t Follow Me Spare Tire Cover

Jayapal said Democrats should be “universal” in the programs included in the $3.5 trillion package, which would ensure assistance gets to those who need it.

“If you have a 25-page document that somebody has to go through to figure out whether or not they qualified, the most vulnerable are not going to get the assistance they need,” she said.

The House has continued to make progress on the sweeping social spending plan, with the House Budget Committee advancing the package on Saturday. But the legislation is far from final, as Pelosi has said it must be able to clear both chambers of Congress and comply with the rules governing the process Democrats are using to pass the bill without Republican support in the Senate.

Jeep Halloween Don't Follow Me Spare Tire Cover
Jeep Halloween Don’t Follow Me Spare Tire Cover

Even Mr. Biden acknowledged the “stalemate” between Democrats at the White House on Friday, and suggested the legislative back-and-forth could take time.

“I think this is a process. That’s why I said at the front end that, although we got off to a very fast start with the first piece of legislation, I don’t expect this to be done and us being in a position where we can look back and say, ‘OK, did we get it done?’ until basically the end of the year,” he said, adding “it’s just going to take some time.”

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