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Where is his Nobel peace prize for north Korea. Jeep Knowledge Poster. The Rich got richer and more money for war not for education, health or infrastructure.

Jeep Knowledge Poster

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poster – A4
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poster – A2
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poster – A1

Be bye USA , China just took it. I cant’ wait to see the numbers after the landslide come November Mr. President. We can make it better without them but it would be nice if they respected the Constitution and pitched in to help. Guess they forgot about “If you can’t beat’em join’em.” because of than money thing you derailed We are sick of democrats hell bent on destroying this country. Everything they stand for goes against the creation and foundation of our country. Jeep Knowledge Poster. They’ve ruined California and New York, but they aren’t gonna get to the rest of us. Nothing better than turning on my computer, taking a sip of my coffee, and checking Facebook to see what our President Trump said or did today to tick off the Democrats. It’s a shame Democrats can spend billions upon billions each year when it comes to illegal immigrants but when it comes to our own …. Democrats couldn’t care less. When millionaire Democrat donors spend big bucks to spread a false narrative and don’t give up on their lies. They will have followers that have fallen for it. You cant deny facts but when these millionaire donors are smearing facts with lies it makes it hard to believe.The Presidents accomplishments are real facts. We have a wall being built, stock market is surging economy is thriving, the military is powerful again.

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