Jeff dunham walter face mask

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Not with democrats, look what they have to offer. Jeff dunham walter face mask. Sleepy Joe Biden said today there are 4 black women he will pick from.

Jeff dunham walter face mask

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face mask- pic 1

Biden the race card president. I’ll take sleepy Joe over corrupt and morally bankrupt Humpty tRumpy. Hell, I’d take a fence post over tRump at this point. Rock Hernandez who has heard anything about Hilary? Jeff dunham walter face mask. Since 2016?? Please share because I haven’t seen a thing. Get over it. How does that matter? Electorial College is used. i dont care she got popular vote. She lost, is what ur made about. Hillary is clearly living rent free in your head, its so cute just how much your ego is hurt by that popular vote beatdown, and that was with her only being up 6 points in polls, Biden is leading by 15 points lol. From the looks of the number of protesters all over the country the last 3 years I’m pretty sure there will be plenty of people ready to help escort him out of the White House. No kidding. One of the things that the powers that be aren’t very good at is foresight. He announced it months ago. Its time to come up with a plan if he disputes. Another first. That’s what you get when you let a Narcissist run a country……Oy! You mad at him for having a terrorist killed too tho lol was Obama an international murderer for having bin laden killed? If Trump loses, he will absolutely not leave the White House and will challenge the election result. Biden may have to establish a government “in exile”. I think we can all agree at this point the election will be like squishing a bug. Nobody really wants to see it but we all have to clean it.

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