Jesus american eagle truck quilt bedding set



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Let’s get rid if long-time politicians and their pay big paychecks. No wonder DC is so hot in the summer, all those hot air polictoes. Go to term limits.. Now, Biden, now congress! You ‘ve been nice & wanting to playing with others, but they have refused to even share the toys let alone engage for the betterment of the country. Jesus american eagle truck quilt bedding set When will these 2 year olds be relieved of office.. Yes, use reconciliation…the R’s had no problem using it when they passed the $2 Trillion tax cuts for the wealthy. People want action not obstruction…pass this info onto Manchin and Sinema.. And Bernie, what are we going to do with Manchin and Sinema, Republicans in heart, disguised as Democrats. another pair of obstructionists joining Mitch to derail our sacred Agenda to fight for the millions of Americans severely impacted by the horrific Trump administration.. Yes and 100% of our focus should be on our agenda to help American people. Do you understand that Joe Manchin & Kyrsten Sinema, we need your support to pass the infrastructure legislation and to End the Filibuster. This is your opportunity to Help American People don’t waste it.

Jesus american eagle truck quilt bedding set

Josh Pattersonthe roads in my county are so bad that after the second time of a pot hole bending my stock wheels on my car i had to buy new ones4 . Walter RossRepublicans are not going to agree to do anything but fill the pockets of billionaires. So when the bill is passed by Democrats don’t send any money to any Republican state that doesn’t vote for it7 . Jonathan BiscardiRebuild the infrastructure. Don’t redefine infrastructure. Remove the pork.5 . Dell HeweyPresident Biden submitted his infrastructure plan on April 21, 2021. Senator Sanders never mentions this. Does he think we don’t know Biden was first? Maybe it is because Sanders and the Bros spend all their time trashing the Democrats.7 . Adam McLeranIn Republican dream land, we each build our own roads and charge each other to use them.8 . Raymond HonigmannShow us the plan you guys set up. The reason you don’t is because you lie. The “plan” you want to pass is only a fraction for infrastructure the rest is just for crappy crappy crappy s***5  Jesus american eagle truck quilt bedding set

Jesus american eagle truck quilt bedding set

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