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Maybe “grown ups” learn a skill and get an actual career that pays… Stop using McDonalds and fast food brands alike as an example of a career. Especially when we (USA) are struggling to fill skilled trade positions. Jesus christ and doberman pinscher paint art poster Working fast food should be promoted as a stepping stone for younger generations, as a means to earn a wage, while meantime, harnessing skills academically or elsewhere to become something more than a fast food worker… Not a hard concept to grasp. You’re worried about paying an unskilled (yeah I said it) employee more money when realistically you should be a tad bit more worried about how your AC or shitter will be fixed when there’s not enough skilled trade employees to keep up with the demand.. Minimum wage is immoral and should be abolished. It’s wrong to force people to pay or accept a certain amount.. No, it really isn’t. If they want better wages, get a better job.

Jesus christ and doberman pinscher paint art poster

Because of unions, we have workable hours, paid sick leave, paid vacations, a legitimate place for non retaliation grievances, regular pay raises, sometimes bonuses, stock options, paths to promotions, paid college credits, hopefully insurance and maternity leave. Not to say it’s perfect and there is no corruption, but beats having no benefits and no say.. Jennifer Elder. Rik Lawrence. Well done – YOU MUST! Several years back the party known as The National Party here in New Zealand (right wing party) eroded the Employment Act, thus discouraging people from joining a union. It has resulted in employees being disadvantaged etc. All employees should join a union, which specialises and supports employees.. My grandfather’s didn’t finish high school because of the Great Depression. Thanks to unions they had good jobs and comfortable retirements with pensions. Thanks to FDR they had Social Security and thanks to LBJ they had Medicare. The Republicans fought all of this. I will not forget this and fight to defeat every Republican on the ballot. Jesus christ and doberman pinscher paint art poster

Jesus christ and doberman pinscher paint art poster

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