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Bob SnyderGet Rid of the Filibuster, Democrats need to pass every piece of Bidens agenda 51-50. If the legislation passed ends up not being popular with a majority of Americans, (which most of it is) we can vote em out in 2022. Having the minority making the dec… See More10 . Gayle MichaelsGerrymandering needs to become a thing of the past, too. I don’t want to vote for anybody who supports the filibuster, gerrymandering, or voter suppression. 1 . Brett HatfieldGo for it! Ending the filibuster is also the way to repeal the New Deal with a 51-49 vote in 2022! Woot! . Myrtle MillerTo quantify how much Mr. Sanders cares about working families abbreviated fact finding should help. Just check to see how many times he has voted to increase taxes and what kind of projects he supports receiving your hard earned tax monies. Then you ca… See More5 . Top FanJanet FordeBernie has always been clear that taxes will go up. But he works to see that everyone pays their fair share. And that the taxes pay for services like health care, education, and infrastructure rather than weapons systems. Things that benefit worke… See More2  Jesus christ and pitbull paint art poster

Jesus christ and pitbull paint art poster

Marshall HugginsEnding the Filibuster would be the best. But at bare minimum we should make the Filibuster as painful as possible. The Senators would have to actually debate the bill continuously for hours, days… until there is an outcome. The debate would have to be… See More21 . Greg HallBut no one listens to the ordinary citizen . And yes we are smarter than most of our elected officials feel we are.1 . David George DeLanceyfil·i·bus·ter/ˈfiləˌbəstər/Learn to pronounce… See More . David GildersleeveManchin and Sinema are blocking any real democratic gains during the Biden administration. Republicans would never allow this. Those two will be to blame if Biden fails to pass legislation for voting rights police reform, et al, weakening our democ… See More2 . Aris TaflambasThe filibuster gives more power to states with small populations. Is that fair? New York 30,000,000. Utah 500,000. The sanate gives 2 votes to each state because during westward expansion they had no idea how many people lived in each state. When … See More  Jesus christ and pitbull paint art poster

Jesus christ and pitbull paint art poster

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