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Bassimah Al-Ayoubi  · FollowHow nice to have a kind and intelligent president again.58 . Ahtisham KhanMr president I have decided to donate my two eyes after viewing this emotional and inspiring postNow i can leave this planet very happily and peacefully. thank you so much for uploading such an inspiring and heart wrenching post 32 . Billy HealyA 6 TRILLION DOLLAR BUDGET. That’s insane. 6 trillion seconds is equal to more than 190,000 years. Our current national debt is 28 trillion. If we were to pay back the national debt at 1 dollar per second it would take 887,000 years to pay it back. Sto… See More11 . Laura Bullock CrumbleyBump the bipartisan idea! We are a one party country! Make it be yours!23 . A ML Vac-EricInfrastructure MUST INCLUDE having numerous new desalination water plants built asap to pipe in water to all dry areas to prevent and put out fires, to feed crops and provide water to residents. If we can build destructive oil and gas pipelines, we can… See More13  Jesus Christ I will give you rest poster

Jesus Christ I will give you rest poster

I’ll bet the Korean had a good laugh at you, Old Joe!.   Jesus Christ I will give you rest poster · Follow. This doesn’t look ‘live’ but I’m sure people will believe you anyway.. And he probably went back to Korea thinking what a weak leader. He probably smells fear. Shame on the mess!. Grandfather: When I was your age, I used to go to the market with two Rupees and bring home soap, rice, milk, bread, ghee, face powder etc.. Grandson: nowadays it is difficult. There are CCTV cameras everywhere… Biden cant even string a sentence together reading from a teleprompter so I can only imagine what he’s like sitting in a room with a leader from another country. Do they set up his teleprompter for him, does he have flash cards? How does he do it?. This President has done so much in such a short time. He has managed to clean up the mess by corrupt Trump.

Jesus Christ I will give you rest poster

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