Jesus Christ Take My Hand Golden Retriever Poster

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Jesus Christ Take My Hand Golden Retriever Poster. Order now before lose it forever.

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Lie much !?!? . So tell me why if Sen Cruz needs to resign why not all the senators that we inciting violence towards president trump…ya know ALL Americans can see what is happening and frankly we are sick of media and sick of the bullying tactics in our politics. How can we teach our children not to be bullys when so called adults act the way they do in our highest government. It is truly a shame to see what is happening. Our government isn’t for ALL people only for themselves and the power they have. SO SAD. . . Instead of being named AOC, A-O-LOSER or A-O-Bottom-of-the-Barrel make far more appropriate titles.. Wow I have never seen a congresswoman who is such a poor representative as you are it is next to criminal that you are elected to represent your district you are a bold face liar and so inept to be in office it is amazing that you were re-elected it amazes me that people believe your BS I am Jewish I was sexually abused do you know the impact of that statement there are women and God Bless them that where truly abused and out of no where you where search your soul tell the truth just like you felt like you where going to be murdered because of what I gues what Ted Cruz said but maybe you should look at what your colleges have said that have caused GOP reps to be shot a Softball game or GOP reps to be verbally assaulted Jesus Christ Take My Hand Golden Retriever Poster

Jesus Christ Take My Hand Golden Retriever Poster

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liar. I am sorry you have to go through this. I am praying for you, for I truly understand what you are dealing with. God is with us through this. Love You My Dear. Thank You for serving in our congress for our Democracy.. Can you make me a whiskey sour and bring me some chips?. AOC AWESOME!. You weren’t even there you liar.. . Stop making women look helpless and ignorant. You do Not represent me. Jesus Christ Take My Hand Golden Retriever Poster Never trust a liar or a thief… you ma’am are both. #OxygenThief. “A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who breathes out lies will not escape.” Proverbs 19:5. God knew you before He formed you in the womb. Could you look Him in the eye right now?. Well aoc looks like the joke may be on you . You need to be removed from Office your a nut case. NY’rs have lost their mind voting you in. Go to Iran ..

Jesus Christ Take My Hand Golden Retriever Poster

Look at all the sad, jealous, pathetic conspiracy nuts taking social media shots at a survivor who’s actually doing something with her life. So lost without Q. Thank you for your courage and fortitude. I admire how consistent you are in defending common Americans and how strongly you defend truth. Don’t lìsten to the haters. My family loves you. You rock.. Beautiful Pic. LOL all this crap …..she wasnt even in the capitol building ……….she was 2 blocks away ……….smh …….AOC your a joke and a disgrace. You are a disgrace and just trivialized all the real victims stories of abuse. You are a drama queen, use anything to get votes and spread your hate. You weren’t a victim of anything during the “riot” unlike the people whose communities and businesses were burned to the ground this summer by BLM and Antifa who raised money with their action for Act Blue which funded Democrats! Those people were true victims as are those poor children and people living in Democratic run hellholes where people are getting killed daily! Get over yourself. As a Social Worker I have worked with real abuse victims and none of them used it for political gain and to get sympathy!

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