Jesus Christ Family Door Cover

Do you want it? Jesus Christ Family Door Cover. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.


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Gerrymandering, suppression, and the electoral college are the ONLY things that keep so many republicans in office. I wonder about some of them because trumps mentor Mickey Cohen who was basically a mob lawyer, learned well that the first thing you do to maintain power is to get something on people. this is a first for Facebook every reply agrees with the original comment LOL. Jesus Christ Family Door Cover. Then who would argue with somebody saying the “sky is blue”.

Jesus Christ Family Door Cover

Jesus Christ Family Door Cover- pic 1
Door Cover- pic 1
Jesus Christ Family Door Cover- pic 2
Door Cover- pic 2
Jesus Christ Family Door Cover- pic 3
Door Cover- pic 3

Trumps friend David Dick.that owns the National Enquirer has a dossier on all of the and their closeted secrets. at least mail in ballots and Dominion voting machines will never be allowed again. You have to stay ahead of the many ways Dems find to cheat. I cannot even believe Doug LaMalfa(R) Ca who just went on CNN, still defendjng this outrageous Tx lawsuit! Amazing how only the states Trump won are wrong! Why don’t these Trumpers watch another channel and make an informed decision? The only thing Trump really ever did to this country is give people a gambling addiction, trying to make you more dependent on him and his businesses! why would someone want that cult, please tell me that they are not a majority of re Republicans or this country is never going to remain a democracy. but Biden was classified as 1A. Trump never went get classified he saw a doctor his daddy played to say he had bone spars. So now that the lawsuit failed. Does this mean the Texas AG is not going to get the presidential pardon he was so desperately seeking. From the news, it appears that the FBI are closing in on their investigation. Doug In addition it looks like there are 18 Attorneys General and 108 Republican congressmen who are not qualified for their jobs and who have committed the crime of Sedition as described in the 14th Amendment! I am usually called pretty ugly. Knuckle dragger and yard ape. If you have ever done maximum security time you will understand that those are terms of endearment that prisoners have for staff. What about the list of 106 elected Republicans who signed off on this last filing … they apparently think it’s ok to lie to the US Supreme Court. Seems criminal. Jesus Christ Family Door Cover. Pascrell cites Section 3 of the 14th amendment – which states that anyone who “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” cannot serve in federal office – claiming the lawsuit seeks to “obliterate public confidence in our democratic system” and that those who signed it committed “unbecoming acts that reflect poorly on our chamber.” lets just all remember their names because if any of them try to run for President in the future or for re-election, these are the fools that tried to take away your vote and voice!! you know what the funny part is.. you all think it’s the end of the Republican Party but it’s far from that republicans were the biggest winners of the election— maybe no ones liked Trump but they would never allow dems to have full control. accountable for what?? Remember the entire impeachment those accusers should be held accountable also.. and pay back the 48 mill they wasted. Accountable for abetting TraitorTrump in his attempt to subvert our elections. He was impeached. Those senators who failed to stand up for our country and remove him from office became abettors in his crimes. He will be forever know as the worst American president. no that’s not how things work.. because so many politicians would be going also.. that’s what is nice part of our country you have freedom of speech .. the rights were open for all these investigations even Texas to file those papers.. so no no one can sit here and threaten and crap.. everything you all hate about trump is how you all are acting .. well, it wasn’t $48 mil. Plus the impeachment was about abuse of power of Trump to the Ukrainian President. Also, there is, in the constitution, laws that congressmen and senators, and even the President take to uphold the laws of the constitution, something these republicans did not do.

Do you want it? Jesus Christ Family Door Cover. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before lose it forever.

It is to the constitution of the US, NOT to any one man! Especially a corrupt President. Stop watching Fox News and read a little about our constitution and what it means to be patriotic! trump is the Russian gift that keeps on giving…I bet putin is amazed at how effective trump and the republicans have been sowing doubt in our democracy. Dianna Barry NO, democracy all the way around. That is why we are called the UNITED STATES of AMERICA! Not the red states or the blue states. You need to stop being a Trumper, and look at the good about all. If there is any good in them. We have seen the worst of the Republican Party lately. My party died with John McCain. It lost its soul with Trump, McConnell and Graham and the rest of the frredom caucus and the Tea Party.

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