Jesus Is Born Door Cover

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It’s ironic that people continue to defend their loyalty to this man because he’s “not a politician” when he’s the most politically driven and corrupt president we’ve ever had. Jesus Is Born Door Cover. And you are as brainwashed as they get. President Trump is driven by his love for America and it’s people. Wealth and power is totally what the Dems crave.

Jesus Is Born Door Cover

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Door Cover- pic 1
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Door Cover- pic 2
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Door Cover- pic 3

The lust for POWER has literally WARPED THEIR MINDS. I hope you will be happy with the SLAVERY to gov’t that Biden and Kamala would bring. you are so blind that it’s tragic. His legal scams and cheating are known, like his Trump University. One of his many scams to cheat people out of their money. The latest is him gathering funds from his blind base for supposedly support his endeavours to overturn the elections results. And then he is pocketing most of the money to spend as he wishes. Open your eyes. Wake up. You are a personality cult member. Wow!! We’ve seen his lust for power in action and you say the democrats have a lust for power?? Oh well…like saying Castro loves his country!! I know..he’s nothing but a reality show host who only cares about ratings and votes. He always wanted to be a politician…schmoozing with the Clintons and even said Hillary was a very nice and smart person! Hypocrite! He’s not a good businessman either. He inherited his money. He’s never worked for anything on his life. You must be thinking of 0bama and or Biden who the most corrupt politicians- there is even evidence proving it. CNN is just as crooked as they are. They fear what his money can do to their political career. Not his intelligence is his corrupt way of life. That’s Clinton, Obama and (unfortunately) soon to be Biden. Apparently you really don’t care about corruption or you sure as hell wouldn’t have voted for the Biden crime family. Too much Kool Aid. Are you one sending him money ? You do know about 75% goes into a personal Slush fund that he can use after he is out. Working for America ? And how has that worked if you take the time to see how many people are dying every day (More than 9/11 each day now) and how full the hospitals are. He only cares about himself and not about people except what he can use them for. You have been used. Does anybody with a sound mind doubt that this guy is a Dictator: He wanted to be like Putin but after going to North Korea he decided he prefers being like Kim Yong Un and family. nightmare for who those who aren’t conservatives don’t have to be part of us we don’t want them they can have their own territory with Antifa BLM I’ll guarantee you in about 5 years their country will look like a war zone with millions of refugees at our border. We should watch Fox News for the truth! Ha ha ha ha! Keep drinking Trump Kool-Aid! Look what happened to him drinking it all these years!! He’s a crazy corrupt POS!! lol!! Maybe you’ll get to visit him in jail when he spends a few years there!!! Keep feeding him your money! He needs it for his lawyer fees!! your wacked out. Been drinking to much of the Biden cool-aid. Jesus Is Born Door Cover. Biden and all his buddies are getting ready to go to jail. So if you hate Trump move to another country cause he will be our president four another four years. Jenny Tedesco he’s making money off them they just keep. Donating he knows exactly what he’s doing he knows he loss he’s trying to sabotage everything on his way out. For over forty seven years Biden has been a career politics. What has he done for the American people? What has America and China done for the Biden s. Make them rich. The ones who actually did vote for Harris/Biden don’t care about right and wrong. They don’t care about selling out our country or killing our jobs. They don’t care that Hunter and Joe got rich off lying, cheating, and using the VP title to gain favors. They don’t care about law and order or making people have personal responsibility. That is the problem…THEY DON’T CARE about anyone but themselves. And yet with investigation after investigation they couldn’t pin anything on him except the frivolous charge stemming from his asking the Ukrainian president to look into Hunter Biden’s suspicious business dealings and viola…who is now under 4 investigations? The Biden family, including Joe, have been bought and paid for by Communist China.

Do you love it? Jesus Is Born Door Cover. Buy it today before we sell out.

Trump has been fighting for this country and our rights. Biden will be a puppet for the left-wing liberals while he lasts, which won’t be long. Kamala will be worse. Our freedoms will be strategically stripped away. The only freedom you’ll have will be to agree with whatever they tell you to agree to because an opposing opinion won’t be tolerated. Free speech is already being shut down.

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