Jesus Is My God Lion Blanket

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Why does england keep voting tory who stop basic support in the name of austerity but spends billions on a rail track that never left London. Jesus Is My God Lion Blanket. Buckingham palace/Westminster instead and dont get me on the 2% GDP on defence that’s sucked up on trident that on defending.

Jesus Is My God Lion Blanket

Jesus Is My God Lion Blanket- 50x60
Blanket- 50×60
Jesus Is My God Lion Blanket- 30x40
Blanket- 30×40
Jesus Is My God Lion Blanket- 60x80
Blanket- 60×80

The UK could be spent on equipment and support/homes for the army bit then I would be classed as a leftie bloody nut. Well on the 4-way debate Sturgeon came across quite well. She was followed by an absolute car crash then a mumbling scruff who was blathering on about “getting Brexit done” whilst waiting for the next instructions through his earpiece. Mark Evered fantastic alliance. Obviously you’re not Scottish or a socialist, unless you’re stupid or a billionaire. Voting for the Tories is more of the same. Austerity, poverty, inequality. I think Corbyn could make a really positive impact. Give him a chance. Jesus Is My God Lion Blanket. Hazel Mullan you can accuse Boris of being a clown but a traitor to his country he is not but the other. along with his croney’s rendering the country bankrupt. No thanks. A vote for Corbyn will be the most destructive vote for this country from experience when labour was last in power this country was on a brink due to higher taxing and of course the recession which effected everyone ir stands to reason now labour can not be trusted to run this country sorry for those who support labour but i believe boris is the only person that will listen to the people of the uk and represent democracy for the uk. Hi David, unfortunately you are completely wrong on your economic analysis – Labour did not create the world wide crash and recession. Thatcher government actions did make the UK much more sensitive to its effects – the last Labour government put the deal together to keep the country afloat !

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