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Whining again that the election was rigged. So Trumpian. Jesus He Is Risen. But let’s go through the numbers. Bernie’s base is 25% and they came out and voted. The remaining 75% of the Democratic Party also voted. But it wasn’t for Bernie. That’s not rigged that’s just reality. What an SUPER show of support for Biden last night! Now with Bloomberg also endorsing Biden, the moderate path is clear. Time to reach out all across the Country and get all who are US Citizens to register to vote in Nov. Urge people holding Green Cards for over 5 years to apply for Citizenship (it takes a few months) We needs all hands on deck to send Trump packing.

Jesus He Is Risen Shirt

Jesus He Is Risen Women Shirt
Women Shirt
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Team Joe – Congratulations on Super Tuesday. I have been vocally supporting your candidacy on social media and make occasional contributions. Offering an opinion: if she is willing, consider naming Elizabeth Warren as your running mate, sooner rather than later. Many of us believe that would seal the deal and be a great Democratic Unity ticket. Jesus He Is Risen. A woman on the ticket seems to be imperative, and she would bring so much to the table. Regardless, best wishes and hopes for continued victories. You need to get some help. Your memory is scary. You should not be running for any office. It’s time to throw in the towel. I can’t believe your family or wife hasn’t stepped in to help you. Please step down. Get some help.

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