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Why I read the NY Post and know about Cuomo’s misfire on getting ventilators. Jesus Is My Superhero 3d hoodie. It’s honestly funny how much people are hurt by the ineptness of Cuomo.

Jesus Is My Superhero 3d hoodie

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Yea I’m really confused on why he didn’t just get what he needed in December when it was pretty obvious it wasn’t good. sorry lies keep you in denial. As a fellow NYer, listen to fellow NYer Dr. Jesus Is My Superhero 3d hoodie. Anthony Fauci and our Governor, not native NYer Donald Trump. Please be well and safe. rump was quoting a Gateway Pundit blog postthat falsely accuses Cuomo of turning down the purchase of ventilators in 2016, and which is based on an opinion column penned by the co-inventor of the original “death panel” lie, Betsy McCaughey. But no such purchase was actually considered or offered, McCaughey simply hypothesizes that Cuomo could have stockpiled ventilators instead of, or as well as, having a health task force establish guidelines for allocating ventilator use during a pandemic. this is not an oped. His own task force showed they were woefully short. Another person actually linked the NY Gov document. Why do people honestly have such a problem with a simple fact. Yeah you’re right. The purchase of ventilators never happened despite the recommendation to do so by Cuomo’s own task force. Cuomo received a report from the state of New York in 2015 outlining the shortage of ventilators. He evidently ignored that and now wants to blame Trump for his own inaction? Why do people have such a hard time with facts. I just linked the entire NYS ventilator recommendation PDF from Cuomo’s task force. Cuomo was recommended to by ventilators. He never did. Sorry facts hurt your feelings. It’s also clear you don’t live in NY.

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