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Homophobes deserve an island of their own, away from society where they can stay forever and be forgotten about. Jesus Saved My Life. And I mean far enough that getting off the island is impossible and if it sunk into the ocean, the loss wouldn’t be a big deal.

Jesus Saved My Life

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Jesus Saved My Life sweatshirt
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This issue is simple because God made it simple. God created all humans with choices. God did not make robots nor did God force anybody with their choices. The 2 simple choices are: You can choose to be the Capt of your own ship. You can have sex with anybody and everybody. You can’t be judged because everybody is right in their own mind. The other choice is you surrender your way to Gods way. This means God is the Capt of your ship. I was an atheist. I would debate Christians. Guess who was the judge and jury of all the evidence Christians presented? Me and probably you. If you have been an atheist you know all the cited Scientfic research Christians present at debates. Pew research is a liberal and conservative research group. Fact check it. Jesus Saved My Life. Just because you don’t understand how things ACTUALLY work, doesn’t mean it’s an invisible man in the sky. Your book was written when they thought the sun rotated the earth. Do you still believe that or do you put on your big boy pants now? Here’s some FACTS for you. Noah (if he even existed) was not 900 years old, it’s impossible to fit 7 trillion species into one boat, no one can walk on water or part seas, talking snakes don’t exist and if Adam and Eve were real I’d be more concerned about incest than homosexuality.

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