Jesus Saved My Life Classic Cap

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Jesus Saved My Life Classic Cap. Order now before lose it forever.



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Matt HoodI mean, if that is what her is doing with his personal wealth, great. 16 . Mobeen AbabeelThis world cannot be fixed. He is fulfilling a need of the mind and curiosity. He is not accumulating wealth just to pass it on to his children but also to reach further than stars. I understand how we want to save humanity. But at the same time we ar… See More16 . Top FanKenneth SegelWealth creates indifference to those with less fortunate lives!It’s been like this throughout the human history. Capitalism is only beneficial to the few…23 . Brandon CovingtonI agree with Bernie on a lot, pretty much everything actually, but this is one thing I don’t agree on. Pushing science to discover the techniques required to put humans on other planets has lead to invaluable discoveries in the field of agriculture, b… See More38 . Karen HollinsWe haven’t gotten it right on our 1st planet! Not a convincing resume!22  Jesus Saved My Life Classic Cap

Jesus Saved My Life Classic Cap

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Amber VernonIs anyone really suprised that a billionaire has such a god complex going on? It takes great narcissism to believe that youve earned soo much wealth and with it a right to rule over others to begin with.31 . Michele Alteria BrownI’m 64 years old. I was 13 when we put down on the moon for the first time fifty years ago….too much money thrown into the air when our own planet is dying along with it’s inhabitants. 15 . Dallas WardAt least Musk is thinking about the future of our species and is funneling that money into the projects that will help get us to Mars and beyond. Leave him alone and tax the corrupt politicians and corporations.500 . Roberta WolcottCompletely agree with Bernie. While I appreciate the science and discoveries of space travel (and love Star Trek!) common sense must prevail.25 . Max BenjaminWe all know space travel will only be financially available to rich people. We need to focus on saving this planet instead of going to other planets so the billionaires can abandon us.20  Jesus Saved My Life Classic Cap

Jesus Saved My Life Classic Cap

Cyndi SlacumElon Musk needs to pay lots of taxes! 17 . John St. JosephThe problem is this planet will never be “fixed”, at least to everyone’s liking. Humans can and should work on multiple things at once. We can go to space and work on making earth better. We’re explorers, and will always be.11 . Ulyera BrooksWe can’t even begin to look at space travel with the state of the world. Until we can fix world hunger, unfair healthcare, and maintain a livable minimum wage, space should be the last thing on our agenda. 25 . Tony AweekaWealth, like any tool, can be used for many purposes. I see a real distinction between people who acquire vast wealth as just a score and those who use wealth to advance human progress. I applaud Elon as much as I deplore Wall Street tycoons.19 . Curt McClainI think that we have a lot to do to make life livable on this planet before we go to work trying to screw up other planets.15

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