Jesus take the wheel face mask

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Jesus take the wheel face mask. Order now before lose it forever.



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Way way way more than you realize, including most of what the Western world calls Chinese food. Jesus take the wheel face mask. Seriously look up food invented in America and you’ll be surprised.

Jesus take the wheel face mask

Jesus take the wheel face mask- pic 1
mask- pic 1

I’m an American and I still am surprised by what we actually came up with. Haha… yeah, food here terrible. All the lovely fresh locally grown veg and fruit, Mazing fish cought off our shoreline, regional cheeses, world class baked goods. Honestly, give me a burger n fries any day. Was gutted when I had to leave that queue and go home hungry. McDonald’s in the UK and really all the fast food originally from the U.S. is made with better standards than allowed in the U.S. Jesus take the wheel face mask. I mean, it’s definitely still junk food, but less horrific junk food. I love the taste of Burger King. But it does two things to me that I almost never eat it. It makes my poo and poo gas smell 10 times worse than usual. And mark you it isn’t pleasant in the first place and. It physically causes me pain in the abdomen. I’m serious. Most Chinese food you get in Chinese restaurants isn’t actual Chinese food. The dishes were invented in America. I’m dead serious. You can look it up. Americans know as Chinese food isn’t Chinese food. Really most food allegedly from other countries are nothing like food actually from there. The American palate is notorious for not being… adventurous and cuisines have to be changed so Americans will eat it. Personally, I see the garbage sold as Mexican food and smh. isn’t that not more a slight adaption though?

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