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I rented a room by her on my days of when I was pregnant she had no room so I slept on her floor. Jesus the Lion Reflection the Lamb. I asked a lady at church for a room.

Jesus the Lion Reflection the Lamb

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Jesus the Lion Reflection the Lamb hoodie

She was from Mozambique with a Portuguese passport and Camden council gave her a house , her mother a house and her sister a house and she never worked for Britain. All in posh areas called primrose hill and West Hampstead…. hahahaha God is good…He has the last laugh. Not the case. The copyright on the letter belongs to its author. They need the authors permission to publish and Meghan didn’t give it. The piece of paper belongs to the receiver the words are intellectual property and should not be reproduced without the authors permission. When is this going to stop. Not interested in their crap anymore. There are many more important things happening in the world today. I agree I couldn’t care less what they do fed up hearing about it and Harry is the only royal I actually have time for. We have heard more about them than the awful bush fires in Australia enough already. Jesus the Lion Reflection the Lamb. Daily Mail a horrible racist paper. The editor should have destroyed the letter and her father shouldnt have put it in the public domain. Denise Howes if you look at their coverage of refugees, immigrants, race issues in general it generates hate rather than understanding, headlines that alianate people of colour rather than generating compassion and understanding. A vile paper. I think people should leave them to get on with their lives. In the larger scheme of things, It does not have anything to do with our lives. What we say rightly or wrongly, negative or positive, will not make a difference. in any event, I personally do not agree with a lot of stuff that’s presently going on, but I have decided to hold my tongue and move on. So sad though for the Queen who has had a lot of sadness to deal with in her life.

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