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Wish I had a white collar union representing myself and my husband when IBM stole our pensions and implemented forced cash balance plans, not giving people under age 40 even though they may have had far more years of service than people over 40 that were given the option. Then Congress (who have pensions) gave their blessing……………….. The greed and selfishness of owners makes the union necessary. If the heads of corporations realized that they would actually profit from their workers’ satisfaction, the union would not be necessary.. Hey don’t these corporations have our best interest at heart? Don’t they pay us the wages we deserve? Aren’t we lucky to have a job?. Zlatko Harapin. I worked a computer show in Philadelphia. The Teamsters would not let me unload my own truck, nor would they unload it for hours. They sat around drinking coffee. They unloaded my truck just minutes before the show started and the public came in. At the end of the show, the Teamsters extorted another $40,000 cash to allow us to leave the building. That group of men were huge and intimidating. The police would not help us. Hard working people don’t need unions; they need protection from unions. Jesus walking on water painting poster

Jesus walking on water painting poster

Our election system needs to be secure, if hackers can hack a pipeline and health care facilities and a major meat distributor then they can hack an election. One person one vote and United States citizens ONLY.. Most people don’t realize what will happen if voters are kept from voting. EVERYONE of every color will start to lose other rights because Democracy will be eroded.. Instead of States taking illegal action Why is there not a law/criteria for the whole country as to how elections are conducted Example a register and identification at the polling station Postal votes accompanying proof of reason for not attending booth to vote ID with photograph of person on the numbered register One person one vote. This isn’t about ID’s ! They are trying to make it so they can legally overturn elections without proof of fraud. They are taking the power away from the Secretary of State in each state to oversee and validate elections. They are trying to make it harder for people of color, young people and old people to vote because they believe that republican votes are the only ones that should count . This is wrong and evil! Jesus walking on water painting poster

Jesus walking on water painting poster

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