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I agree with you and Dr. Fauci.. What about the reports of teens having heart issues after this vaccine?. I understand your frustrations sir, its rather hard to hammer sense into a population full of conspiracy theorists and fear mongers.. It must be a relief to him to be able to speak and not have the president dismiss what he says. Or to be afraid to tell the truth, because a president will try and ruin him.. If you follow the SCIENCE it shows that children really don’t get that badly affected by covid. So tell me why would I inject my child with something that would barely affect them?. Get the jab and stay safe!. Dr Fauci how did the covid 19virus come into existence. If Vaccines Are Safe, Then Why Did Congress Give Manufacturers Special Legal Immunity? Why Are They Above the Law?. Jim Crow Carona Joe Man lol Jesus with chihuahua dog poster

Jesus with chihuahua dog poster

أقوَالٌIt’s time we invest in the future of America again. The American Jobs Plan will rebuild our crumbling roads and bridges, ensure every American has access to clean drinking water, and bring high-speed internet to every community.Let’s get it done.19 . Kimutai Kemboi   · FollowGreat to note that internet is a basic necessity in some countries.Where did other countries go wrong 48 . Laurie SchmidtThe question is… what actually constitutes “infrastructure”??Therein lies the problem- where agreement on what infrastructure really IS has been holding up the process.… See More48 . Ryan ButlerUncle Joe, can you get with AT&T and Verizon and tell them to stop throttling the services. You are helping every American by getting that high speed internet to every community. It’s what we need because we can’t afford to do anything else. Have you … See More20 . Rc HinzAs long as you kowtow to the Republicans we won’t be heading in the right direction. Your lack of following through on your campaign promises is leading the way for the Republicans to take back power in Congress with mid term elections. I had hopes for… See More28  Jesus with chihuahua dog poster

Jesus with chihuahua dog poster

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